Welcome to O-die kids!

We offer day care and afterschool care for kids from 0-12 years. On this website you can find information about how we work and meet our team. We aim to create an atmosphere that is fun, and we want to make kids feel at home. Our rooms are decorated to create a cosy atmosphere and the members of our team are enthusiastic and professional.

It is important for us to continue to improve our childcare services. We work with different modules that include activities such as crafting to teach kids to for example paint, cut and wrap and combine this with games, role play and more active activities.

We have implemented a system to track the development of the kids and comply with GGD and fire safety regulations. We like to establish close relationships with parents and try to accommodate them as much as possible.
We work hard to keep our “little old school” safe and clean but most of all we want to create a cosy environment for the kids. We have a great team and are all very close to the kids.


At O-die Kids we offer an educational programme for kids to play, grow and discover in a safe, stimulating and fun environment. This allows us to help kids develop not just socially but also emotionally, physically and psychologically and to become more self-confident and self-conscience.

At O-die Kids we work with so-called “vertical” groups which means that kids from 0 to 4 years are placed together in the same group. We feel this is beneficial for the social development of the kids and parents appreciate that their kids stay with the same team members for several years. This also allows us to form close relationships with the kids.

We choose this approach because it allows for more interaction in the group and we feel that kids from different ages stimulate each other and can also learn a lot from each other. The younger kids learn songs and games but also practical things such as drinking from a cup from the older kids. Older kids learn to set an example but also to be careful around younger kids and help them out. The kids become more self-confident and learn to respect each other.

When it is time for the younger kids to rest, we take the older kids to the main area where we offer activities that fit their age including counting, colouring and crafting.

Healthy eating habits

Eating patterns are formed at a very early age and we understand that it is very important to help create a healthy diet for the kids.

Fresh fruit
At O-die kids we eat fresh fruit every morning and for lunch we have wholemeal bread with a variety of spreads, we always make sure the kids taste different flavours. At three o clock the kids have a little snack. The food we offer is recommended by the Dutch food authority.

Options day care

At O-die Kids we understand that parents have busy schedules and that things can change. Therefore, we offer various options:
– Full days from 7:30-18:00
– Half days from 07:30-13:00 or 13:00-18:00
– Upon request it is possible to extend childcare from 06:30 until 18:00
– We also offer flexible hourly care

Hourly rate day care (2023)
– € 7,50 for 40 weeks (without vacation care)
– € 8,15 for 52 weeks care
– € 9,25 for flexible care

Afterschool care (BSO)

We offer childcare before (VSO) and after (NSO) school for kids from 4 to 12 years. We have two groups with a maximum of 24 kids and we have assigned two team members to each group. There is always plenty to do for kids of all ages both indoors and outdoors. They can be active or relax.

Independent of other organisations and schools

For kids to develop they need to feel safe and comfortable. We are a small organisation and our team knows the kids very well, we spent a lot of time with each kid individually. We know how to make sure the kids relax after a long and busy day at school. It is also nice for them to change to another environment than school and be surrounded by other people. We of course make sure that the care we provide is in line with the care at home and school.

With our afterschool care we aim to create a relaxing atmosphere so that the kids feel like they are at home. And there is so much fun stuff to do!

Options afterschool care
– Pick-up at school until 18:00
– During the holidays from 07:30 until 18:00
– Upon request it is possible to extend childcare from 06:30 and until 18:00

If you have any questions or if you would like to meet us and see our location, please contact us via email at administratie@odiekids.nl or call 0161 222 036. Don’t forget to check if you can claim tax benefits to help pay for childcare services.

Please click on this link to find out if you are eligible for tax benefits, you can also calculate how much you can claim.